Design Process

In order to design something fabulous for you these are the steps that I take:

1.  Communication: I like to take some time to discuss the project with you and take lots of notes so I will have them when I am designing.

2.  All in my head: The minute I am given a project I am thinking about it in my head and mulling over all the wonderful possibilities.

3.  Sketching/Doodling/Drawing/Painting: I will begin to sketch out ideas by hand and get my thoughts on paper before heading to the computer.

4.  Design on the computer: In this step the design comes to life.  I will show you the concept so you can understand it visually and see what the end product will look like.

5.  Pick out the something special to add: I like to make everything I do EXTRA special….whether it is the quality of the paper I use or a special attachment selected especially for you!

6.  Sample City: Make a sample of the design so you can see it in all it’s glory!

7.  Show and Tell: At this point I will share the final product with you and make sure you LOVE it!

8.  Produce: Make the final product after it is approved by you!